Independent Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 24, 2014

Apply for a Grant

---Important Note to Grant Seekers Based Outside the United States (US)---
The Foundation does not accept grant applications from new applicants based outside the US. We do accept applications from non-US based applicants whom we have supported in the past, and we accept applications from US-based organizations for programs they sponsor outside the US.
Beeson Grant Applications
Regular Beeson Grants are awarded annually to support worthy causes (other than scholarships) as described in our Beeson Grant Application Guidelines for 2014. For a copy,  click here.                                     
The application guidelines contain a one-page document with four common information sections. For the convenience of applicants who submit via e-mail, the common information sections are available as a Word document by clicking here.
Beeson Grant recipients are required to provide an after-the-fact report on the use of all grants of at least $5,001.  For a current copy of the Annual Report on Grant Usage, click here. 
Scholarship Grants are awarded to support needy students at Protestant theological seminaries and at small colleges and universities associated with the Protestant faith. Applications are made by the institutions, not the students. For a current copy of the Guidelines for Institutions Applying for Beeson Scholarship Grants, click here. 
Summer Learning
The Foundation has chosen summer learning loss in K-12 students as an area of focus.
•  Students from lower-income families tend to lag in academic performance when compared to other students. Studies have shown that about two thirds of the gap can be attributed to summer learning loss. More insight into this issue can be gained from the website of the National Summer Learning Association. 
•   The Foundation began working with the summer program conducted by IPC at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm in 2010, and has since supported a growing number of programs in Birmingham. These programs have achieved significant academic gains, often realizing a two-month (or greater) gain in both reading and math over the course of the summer rather than the two- to three-month loss that would be expected absent the summer work. Our experience has shown that community-based organizations and schools can readily replicate these results, and the Foundation is eager to share that experience with Alabama organizations who wish to explore starting a program or strengthening the academic components of an existing program.
•  For an overview of summer learning initiatives in greater Birmingham, click here.
In 2012, the Foundation entered a funding partnership known as Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL). The ten funding partners believe that combining our resources will allow us to have greater impact than working independently.
The SAIL funders conduct an annual grant cycle each fall to support programs for the next summer. Applications are due around October 1st. For more information, visit the SAIL website or contact any of the SAIL funders, or contact the IPC Foundation to be placed on the e-mail distribution list.