Independent Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Existing Funds

The Beeson Fund
The Troop 28 Fund
The Unrestricted Funds
     • Covenant Fund
     • M. Scott McClure Fund
The Community Ministries Funds
     • CFAF Capital Development Fund
     • Robert R. Meyer CFAF Fund
     • CFAF Campship Fund
     • Children’s Fresh Air Farm General Fund
     • C. Eugene Ireland Fund
     • Felix C. Yarboro Community Ministries Fund
     • Lydia C. Cheney Fund
     • Sue Aldridge Newton Fund
The Music & Fine Arts Funds
     • Steele Memorial Fund
     • Caroline Nissly Stayer Choral Music Fund
     • Joseph & Betty Schreiber Performance Fund
     • Religious Arts Festival Fund
The Christian Education Funds
     • Nabers Christian Education Fund
     • Focus on Faith Fund
     • Margaret M. McClure Library Fund
     • Barbara Noojin Walthall Bible Study Fund
     • Jeanne Isaacs Children’s Ministries Fund
     • Bessie Herron Lester Fund 
     • HERO Fund
     • Alyson L. Butts Fund
     • Clinton Williams Taylor Fund
  The Pastoral Care Funds
     • Pastoral Care & Counseling Fund
     • Garnet McAdams Deramus Congregational Care Fund
The Facilities Funds
     • IPC Facilities Fund 
Other Funds
     • IPC Educational Scholarship Fund
     • Martha Steger Estes Fund
For details on the funds, click here
All funds are open to receive contributions of any amount from any donor with the exception of the Beeson Fund.  Those interested in furthering the work of the Beeson Fund may do so through contributions to the
Felix C. Yarboro Community Ministries Fund.  For information on how to make a gift, click here.
Two organizations which are ministries of IPC also maintain endowments.  Donations may be made directly to the organization, or forwarded via IPC.
Kirkwood by the River:    Life Care Fund, Horizon Fund
STAIR:    The Bessie Herron Lester Fund