Independent Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mexico Mission Team 2008

"Truly our mission was first being Christians, second to build a home. But in reality, we received far more than we ever hoped to give." 
   Murray Beck, IPC member
  Read Murray Beck's story of the Mexico Mission Trip July 2008
Photos of the Mexico Mission Trip 2008
IPC Mexico Mission Team To Build Home
Continuing a 20-year history of working with Constructores Para Cristo
From July 18-27, a team of 20 youth and adults from IPC traveled to Piedras Negras, Mexico, on the border of Mexico and the United states, to continue our 20-year history of working with Constructores Para Cristo to build a modest home with and for a Mexican family in need. IPC members Murray Beck and Dottie Miller have led this trip for many years, and Murray led the team again this year. In five short days of working on the building site, a house was completed by our team and members of the family that will live in it. The house was then dedicated to the glory of God and for the family.
The lives of our own church members are forever changed.
It is exciting to be part of a team of people who travel to foreign places and have the opportunity to get to know brothers and sisters in Christ who live in a different culture from our own, who speak a different language, and whose worship styles may be different from our own, but with whom we are united by our faith in Jesus Christ.
Each of the places we visit with our mission teams faces daily struggles we cannot even begin to imagine, and yet the people who live in each of these countries have a deep and vibrant faith that sustains them. We learn so much about faith by the relationships we build with our global mission partners, and we pray that the work we will do among them will be helpful and will bear fruit for them and for us. It is always the case that the lives of our own church members are forever changed by the experiences we share with one another and with our global partners.
     Rev. Ms. Susan A. Clayton, Associate Paster, Community Ministries