Congregational Ministries

Independent Presbyterian Church

All people hunger for a sense of belonging.

The work of the Congregational Ministries is the pursuit of knowledge: knowledge of self, knowledge of others and knowledge of God. The pursuit is not for sake of knowledge alone, but for the building of relationships, the growing of faith and the creation of a joyful, loving community at IPC.

Through a variety of ministries IPC seeks to build up the body of Christ.

The Shepherd Ministry

Provides congregational care through ten teams who specialize in areas of ministry. Some of those are: grief support, home communion, homebound visitation, intercessory prayer, meal delivery and phone calls to elderly members who live alone. Learn more about the Shepherd Ministry.

Prayer & Fellowship

Learn more.

Counseling Ministry

In addition to the care offered by the pastors, two licensed therapists provide counseling to individuals, couples, families, or small groups. Medical and psychiatric consultation is available as needed. As a part of the ministry of IPC, no one needing counseling is turned away due to an inability to pay. Learn more.


 Rev. Brian Lays
Associate Pastor, Director of Congregational Ministries

Connie Logan
Executive Assistant


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