People of IPC  

Independent Presbyterian Church

Independent Presbyterian Church is home to 2,300 people. They give the church 2,300 hearts and bodies to continue carrying out Jesus Christ's ministry. IPC's strength is not just in numbers. It's also the capacity to spur positive change. 

To recognize and celebrate the work being done, IPC member Cathy DeLozier will write about the People of IPC in this blog. It's dedicated to the ministries and God-given talents of its members who are Joining God in the World, Welcoming our Neighbors. Enjoy!

To See the Youth in Action is to be Inspired

Thursday, January, 26, 2017 | 3:43 PM | by IPC
To see these youth in action is to be inspired. They are all involved in hours. The amount of time and energy they put into the team and the seriousness with which they take their responsibility is moving. Hear from them Sunday, January 29.

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