Independent Presbyterian Church
Friday, July 25, 2014


Ministry of Christian Education at IPC

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Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC) has education programs for adults, youth and children.  Please join us in study and fellowship on Sundays and throughout the week.  





Cornerstone Initiatives:

Living in Christ
Priorities for Independent Presbyterian Church include: 
  • Living in Community
  • Living in the Spirit
  • Living in Service to Others
This section offers you many ways to "learn" and grow in your Christian faith:
“The purpose of Christian education is not to fill people’s heads with biblical trivia. It is to tell the family story, that story we find in scripture, with such imagination and verve that lives are illuminated and changed. When the story is told in a way that engages people’s lives, community is formed, spiritual growth occurs, and the people are moved to work for social justice and change.”   Author Sara Covin Juengst, Equipping the Saints