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Friday, July 25, 2014

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  CALENDAR OF EVENTS  July 28, 2014
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 New labyrinth and prayer garden at IPC.
A four-week series of lectures/discussions on poverty. Our mission is to engage the entire IPC family and our community and neighbors in discussing and addressing together issues of compassion, peace, and justice and to inspire faithful action. 
 Click here to view the sermon and all the lectures.
The 4th Quarter, Older Adult Ministry
 The 4th Quarter is the name given to the older adult ministry.  Some are fans of the famous football coach Bear Bryant who always claimed “the 4th quarter is ours!”  Hence the name of this group who believe the 4th Quarter of life is theirs for fun and fellowship.  Click here to read about upcoming events.  Come join in the fun and fellowship!
Read the IPC Pastors' Blogs:
Two of our pastors-- Conrad Sharps and Susan Clayton--  are writing blogs. Susan has just started a new blog for Community Ministries (see below).  We hope you'll enjoy reading these and sharing the links with your family and friends.
Conrad Sharps:  Living in the Spirit Today     Conrad's blog shares Stories, Prayers, and Inspirational Reflections to enrich your faith.
Susan Clayton:  Living Faith IPC    Susan's new blog shares stories about our local and global missions at IPC and invites you to become a part of living faith and transforming lives.
Link to Susan's blog:
Classes:  English as a Second Language:
The Hispanic Ministry Team of the presbytery offers ESL Classes (English as a Second Language) at Independent Presbyterian Church on Tuesday nights (click here for details).    Class also offered at Oakmont Presbyterian Church on Monday nights September through May.  Please share this info with those who might need this service.
Grateful to God for Kenya Mall ExperienceRead the story of IPC member Scott Gilpin who was at the Westgate Mall on the day of the attack. 
Watch the news story on Scott Gilpin.
Click here to read the article in Hoover's Magazine
on the IPC Summer Learning Program at
The Children's Fresh Air Farm.
      Click here to read the article about IPC's own Adam Sutherland, son of Fairy and Frank Sutherland.  A MUST READ!  One of IPC's own young adults, now in Hollywood. Read of IPC's sustaining influence.
Welcome to Chris Walker, MSW, new Social Service Coordinator for IPC.  Read more...
Welcome to Bill McKelvey, new Director Operations/Administration 
Death can be a difficult subject for one to consider; it may be even more difficult to discuss with our loved ones. However, planning for what is inevitable for all human beings can be not only a significant spiritual experience for you, but also a gift of love for your family and friends. To assist with handling this challenging task for families, the Congregational Care and Counseling Ministry has prepared a booklet, A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC.
Printed copies of the booklet are now available for IPC members,
and a PDF version can be found here:  A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC    (PDF copy)
 A Camp in the Woods  Great article in the Hoover Sun about IPC's Summer Learning Program at the Children's Fresh Air Farm.
A physics lesson in the IPC sanctuary choir loft
      Check out the Fox 6 WBRC news story on Jeff McLelland (IPC Director of Music & Fine Arts ) and Jeff Johnson (IPC member and choir member and award-winning physics teacher) and Governor's School students. Jeff Johnson is teaching physics this summer in the Governor's School at Samford. This week the students had a physics lesson in the IPC sanctuary studying soundwaves and how sounds are produced on our Joseph W. Schreiber organ from  Dobson Pipe Organ Builders. The two Jeffs and the students were filmed Wednesday, June 19 by Fox 6 News in the sanctuary during Jeff McLelland's lecture/demonstration/tour of the organ and organ chambers and Jeff Johnson's physics lesson.
       "The Alabama Governor's School is a 13-day residential program housed at Samford University for gifted rising high school seniors in Alabama."  Other IPC members associated with the Governor's School include Dr. George "Bud" Keller, Director; Janet Ort, instructor; and Ellie Thomson, student.     
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