Independent Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

November Organ Recital Series

IPC organ console    Photo by Lynn Dobson
2014 November
Organ Recital Series
   The 50th annual November Organ Recital Series will be the third for the Schreiber Memorial Organ built by the Dobson Pipe Organ Company and dedicated to the glory of God in May 2012.
    More than 150 artists representing the finest talent from the United States and Europe performed on IPC's previous Aeolian-Skinner organ over the past 50 years.  All programs are offered as a gift to the community and are open to the public. Advance tickets are not required. Please contact Barbara Fillmer at 205-933-3700 or if you have any questions.
    This series is partially funded by the generosity of the late Mrs. Myrtle Jones Steele to the greater glory of God and in loving memory of her husband, Mr. William Calvin Steele, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Wallace Jones

2014 November Organ Recital Series

This November, we will celebrate the 50th Annual November Organ Recital Series. Join us each Sunday in November at 4:00 p.m.


November 2 - Raúl Prieto Ramírez
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November 9 – Joby Bell
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November 16 – Alexander Frey
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November 23 – Jeff McLelland and the IPC Choir (3:30 p.m.)
The IPC Choir will sing for the Fourth Sunday Evensong Series at 3:30 p.m., followed by a 30-minute concert by Dr. Jeff McLelland performing the Third Symphony by Louis Vierne.


 Organists Who Have Played at Independent Presbyterian Church
for the Annual November Organ Recital Series (1965-2013)
Marie-Claire Alain
Robert Anderson
George Baker
David Baskeyfield
Robert Bates
Diane Meredith Belcher
Jonathan Biggers
E. Power Biggs
Guy Bovet
David Bowman
David Briggs
Chelsea Chen
Ji-Yoen Choi
Douglas Cleveland
James Cook
Robert Clark
Michael Corzine
Ken Cowan
David Craighead
Craig Cramer
Matt Curlee
Lynne Davis
Robert Delcamp
Isabelle Demers
James Diaz
Matthew Dirst
Delbert Disselhorst
James Dorroh
Clive Driskill-Smith
Peter Dubois
Vincent Dubois
Donald Dumler
Maurice and
     Madeleine Duruflé
Stefan Engels
Richard Enright
Thierry Escaich
Jesse Eschbach
Michael Farris
Laszlo Fassang
Ray Ferguson
Susan Ingrid Ferré
Jeremy Filsell
Patricia Fitzsimmons
Stewart Wayne Foster
Faythe Freese
Jean-Louis Gil
Robert Glasgow
David Goode
Eileen Guenther
Stephen Hamilton
Gerre Hancock
Judith Hancock
Martin Haselböck
Jonathan Hehn
David Heller
Christopher Herrick
Richard Heschke
David Higgs
Heather Hinton
Edith Ho
Frederick Hohman
Christopher Houlihan
David Hurd
Peter Hurford
Warren Hutton
Gunnar Idenstam
Paul Jacobs
Marie-Louise Jaquet
Martin Jean
Wilma Jensen
Joyce Jones
Marilyn Keiser
George Kent
James Kibbie
Robert Burns King
Otto Krämer
Marek Kudlicki
Susan Landale
Jean Langlais
Olivier Latry
Nathan Laube
Paul Lee
Jean-Pierre Leguay
Huw Lewis
Joan Lippincott
Heinz Lohmann
Ludger Lohmann
Kenneth Lowenberg
Andrew Lumsden
Donald McDonald
Jeff R. McLelland
George McPhee
Marilyn Mason
John Mitchener
James Moeser
Richard Morris
Alan Morrison
Michael Murray
Thomas Murray
Martin Neary
Bruce Neswick
Simon Nieminski
John Obetz
Sam Batt Owens
Jane Parker-Smith
Richard Peek
Flor Peeters
Gregory Peterson
Pierre Pincemaille
Peter Planyavsky
Robert Poovey
Michael Radulescu
Robert Rayfield
Cherry Rhodes
George Ritchie
McNeil Robinson
Schuyler Robinson
Catherine Rodland
John Rose
Daniel Roth
Joseph Schreiber
John Scott
Keith Shafer
Thomas Sheehan
Morgan Simmons
Larry Smith
Rollin Smith
Ann Elise Smoot
Sandra Soderlund
Martin Souter
Herndon Spillman
Ronald Stalford
Frederick Swann
Peter Sykes
William Teague
Carole Terry
Edward Tibbs
Tom Trenney
Thomas Trotter
John Tuttle
James Walker
John Walker
John Weaver
Marianne Webb
Gillian Weir
Bradley Welch
William Whitehead
Gordon Wilson
Grady Wilson
Todd Wilson
Timothy Wissler
Scott Withrow
Wim van der Panne
Christopher Young