Strengths in Service: Your Call to Serve

Independent Presbyterian Church


What is your biggest strength? It’s one of the most common and most dreaded job interview questions. But the answer won’t just help you land a job. It could help grow relationships and find your calling to serve within Independent Presbyterian Church.

This fall, IPC is launching Strengths and Service. The program will use “Living Your Strengths” books (Winseman, Clifton, Liesveld) and an online assessment to help IPC members identify their unique God-given gifts. They’ll also learn how to use those strengths to serve others through IPC missions.

According to the authors, the program “is inspired by a profound belief that you are uniquely created by God and endowed with talents and gifts that are yours and yours alone – and that the discovery and development of these talents I key to your well-being. God wants you to be you – not somebody else, but you.”

A test group has already undergone the program, and a second group is currently participating. The IPC staff even completed a one day Strengths in Service event recently.

Starting in September, it will be your chance to learn your strengths. Classes will meet once a week for six weeks. For more information, contact Cindy Shaw at


What are your top five strengths? How can you use those strengths to serve others?

"I was amazed how spot on it was for me, and all my strengths fit into my Fresh Air Farm job. It said, 'Okay. The Lord gave me a great job."
      ~Sarah Van Os

Her strengths reaffirmed her commitment to teaching students at the Children's Fresh Air Farm. 

"That's what this program is about from a church standpoint- weld those talents together to have a good team."
     ~Rusty Boyd

Rusty is a developer and a STAIR tutor. He is developing a plan to help STAIR tutors keep in touch with their students beyond 2nd Grade to ensure they continue to succeed in the classroom. 

Staff members have also learned their strengths. This fall, it will be YOUR chance to find your true calling in your personal life and within
the church. 

Discover YOUR strengths, YOUR passion and YOUR talents.

Cindy Shaw, Strengths in Service Coordinator

Class Schedule
Sundays 9:15- 10:45 am
Wednesdays 5:30- 7 pm and 6:15- 7:45 pm
Thursdays: 10:00- 11:30 am

Other classes are available by request

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